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    Tokyo International Nonwoven Exhibition 2018


    2018-06-11 16:34:00

    ANEX 2018 was held between June 6thand 8that Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center. Yanjan was honored to attend this fair. As the leading company in this hygiene industry, Yanjan had been devoting in the materials technology development and research. And we mainly exhibited our research results and material applications of the top sheet products. 3D Plus technology is our latest breakthrough technology. In the top sheet area, Yanjan had been acting as the pioneer in the pursuit of ultra-softness, skin-care feeling, perfect absorbency and 360°protection, and we are honored to provide our customers with better experience with our continuously upgraded technology. Yanjan showed our company’s modern, technique-derived and globalized good image, and many visitors from world famous brands visited our booth and had deep communications during the fair. International communications and cooperation are the strong driving force for a company, and we believe Yanjan will have an even better image to show in the exhibition 2019. 

    2018年6月6日至6月8日亞洲國際非織造材料展覽會(ANEX2018)暨在日本東京Big Sight展館開幕。廈門延江新材料有限公司如邀參加展會。作為衛生用品行業龍頭企業,延江一直致力于材料技術的改革與研發,本次展會更多的是展示多年來延江對于面層的研究與運用。3Dplus技術,是我們研發的突破。在面層材料技術的領域,延江一直追求極致的柔軟和親膚,瞬吸的吸收力和360°的防護,以方案解決者的身份為用戶帶來技術升級體驗后的感受。延加在東京展呈現出了企業的現代,科技與國際化的良好形象,現場氛圍熱絡和諧,更有知名衛生用品品牌商駐足交談??梢?,國際間的交流與學習是企業進步的動力,相信在2019年國際展會,延江會以更好的形象與大眾見面。